Thursday, April 17, 2008

Elasticity at Moma

It's great when physical collections and their online counterparts play to their own strengths.
Design and the Elastic Mind, an exhibit on the top floor of Museum of Modern Art in New York, shows off trends in design by displaying tools, products and environments you can touch, stand in and around, and follow crowds to what's popular or stray off into a corner that nobody's noticing.
The online part isn't just a rundown of what's at the museum, it lets you check out features or sites that are part of the collection but hard to appreciate without your own computer and browser. The online part is a treat, and includes deep collections of links that bring together innovations in design from products to journalism to the internet.

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Maureen Ward Doyle said...

Very Cool, AJ. When I opened the site I felt too tired to explore, but ended up spending a lot of time peeking in the various corners. Thank you!