Sunday, August 10, 2008

Georgians on their own against the Russians

Georgia, "the darling of the west", has been the recipient of much international aid and investment, as well as special attention from the US administration, most recently by a visit from Condoleezza Rice. And yet no country is likely to respond to the Russian invasion with more than a "tsk tsk".

It's not a question of failing to join NATO either. Even if Georgia had been admitted, as the US administration wanted, it's hard to believe that NATO would have responded with force. Among other concerns, Moscow is a short flight to Berlin, the Russians have a hand on the valve to Europe's natural gas pipeline and everyone knows that US military and public don't have the bandwidth to enter any new arenas. The Russians further sealed Georgia's fate by timing the invasion while the world was distracted by the Beijing Olympics and the final months of the US presidential race.

It seems to me that Georgia is on their own against the Russians.

Here is what some Georgians have to say about the situation in a plea for the world to respond:

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Maureen Ward Doyle said...

Here is what Charles King, author of Ghost of Freedom: A History of the Caucasus has to say on the topic of Georgia: