Thursday, August 28, 2008

Voice Mail Museum, what next?

How far can museums go with interactivity? Voice mail museum is a nifty experiment in content creation by visitors. Is it just a kooky and creative anomaly or a premonition of the way museum's do exhibits? The popularity of the Brooklyn Museum's exhibit, Click, whose collection consists of photos taken and selected by the public suggests that the latter is highly possible. Even probable. We may be living through what historians will later see as seismic shift in what the public expects and gets out of the museum experience.


Nina Simon said...

We've had lots of spectators but few callers to the Voicemail Museum. I want to encourage you and your readers to try it out so we can see what it yields!

Maureen Ward Doyle said...

Thanks for your comment, Nina. As you no doubt know, if Groundswell's analysis is accurate, the number of participants will remain a small percentage of the spectators. The first challenge is to raise the number of spectators. The second -- much greater -- is to change the behavior of spectators. For starters, I'm happy to do what I can to raise the number of visitors by mentioning Voicemail Museum in our WEMUP, Weekly MEMber UPdate. I'll send you a copy (pasted into an email) and add your name to the BSS list if you'd like. In the long run, I hope that what Heritance is doing (notably Open Museum Online) will affect people's expectations and behavior towards museums. By the way, I think your blog is great & love having it in my RSS feed.