Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blog redirect to "Museums without Borders"

Dear Readers,

Thank you for checking out In-heritance, the blog that has served Heritance for over two years. In keeping with Heritance's new program focus, Open Museum, we are consolidating our two separate blogs into one: "Museums without Borders" .

In "Museums without Borders", you'll find two to three new posts per week on issues related to curating a collection on Open Museum (OMo): issues such as costs and benefits to the OMo curator, strategies for planning and building an online collection, intellectual property and copyright law, and OMo's web 2.0 technology as a tool for community outreach.

Please visit us at Museums without Borders and consider bookmarking the blog as well as Open Museum so that you can follow developments ( and get as involved as you choose!) in helping to build what we hope will become the global museum.

Best wishes,

Maureen Doyle
Executive Director of Heritance
Co-Founder Open Museum

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