Monday, February 2, 2009

WEMUP, Weekly Member Update

Heritance announces that Open Museum is now available to the public!

Open Museum -- a non-commercial, participatory exhibit space -- is a free service provided by Heritance, a US-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Open Museum is in Alpha release, which means it is under development and in need of testing.

If you are a friend of Heritance, a lover of museums, an amateur of web 2.0 or just plain curious, visit now.

Take an introductory tour; register; browse the collections and join a museum tour. If you feel like it (and we hope you will!), please help enrich your own and other people's experience of Open Museum by rating and tagging objects or contributing comments in the form of text or photos.

Give the site a workout -- as much or as little as time permits -- and tell us what you think. Don't worry about breaking anything! What doesn't work is as important to tell as what does, and no problem is too small! We value your opinions and count on your critiques, compliments, and comments to make the site better.

Post your thoughts as a comment here or send a messages through the feedback link on Open Museum or by an email.

Also, invite your friends, family and colleagues to check out Open Museum:

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